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A Divine Glow Up!

Welcome! or should I say Welcome Back to Divine Brilliance!

It's been about 10 years since I (Michelle) sunset the brand, and put away my jewelry-crafting tools.

Now that I have had my own glow up, by way of growing inwards, I have a new definition for what Divine Brilliance means. Divine Brilliance, once was a reflection of the beautiful luminosity and sparkle that came from every piece of handcrafted Swarovski, crystal jewelry that I would make. And now it's so obvious to me that these two words combined, Divine and Brilliance are what occurs within ourselves when we find our purpose, live in our truth and embrace the dance and balance between our divine masculine and divine feminine energies. Something I would never have understood without yoga.

A lot has happened in the last 10 years, and while this is a yoga and wellness brand, we also still LOVE all things that sparkle, and make spaces feel sacred, protected and uplifting.

Let me guide you through what to expect here.


You'll always find yoga here. Yoga classes, yoga teacher trainings, yoga videos, yoga philosophy discussions, yoga continuing education, yoga workshops, yoga clothing, yoga props, and yoga vibes!


While yoga is an important aspect of wellness to many, we know that wellness is not only yoga and at Divine Brilliance we provide you with a lot of wonderful tools, resources and opportunities to holistically work through your journey towards wellbeing. Whether it be a set of new crystals, a guided meditation, healing crystal jewelry, a community to connect with, a wellness retreat or even the perfect furniture to setup your home sanctuary, among other wonderful tools we plan to bring it all to you, right here.

So, take some time to explore our offerings, products, and resources. Don't forget to Subscribe to our newsletter to get Wellness delivered right to your inbox!



Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I'm Michelle, Yoga Educator and Wellness Coach are my "fancy titles"... Love-centered human also works! 

I'm here doing the same thing you are, trying to figure out how to best maximize my purpose and impact during this blip of a timeline we get to share in this human-experience.

Hopefully you find something that resonates with you here at Divine Brilliance, where we love the bling, but we love even more when the sparkles shine from within.

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