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Mala beads, often used in meditation practices, are more than just beautiful accessories; they can significantly enhance meditation and focus.


Malas are visual anchors for focus and concentration, help with steady repetition of mantras, encourage mindfulness,  channel and hold energy with their natural materials, help you develop ritual and routine, and enhance your relaxation, calming and intention settting process.

Incorporating mala beads into your meditation practice can be a powerful tool to enhance your focus, deepen your meditation experience, and create a sense of connection to your practice. Whether you're a seasoned meditator or just starting out, mala beads can provide an effective and meaningful way to support your journey of mindfulness and self-discovery.

Our Malas are handmade, using high-quality authentic Rudraksha beads, and natural crystal stones. Tassles are silky, and durable. Beads are strung on heavyweight stretch elastic thread for comfort and option to wrap around your wrist for wearing. 


Each mala is custom made, once you make your purchace include the following information as a note, or email to 


  1. Please Specify: Color of Tassle.
  2. Choice of: Metal or Bigger Rudraksha bead for your Guru bead.
  3. Please list: Upto 3 different natural stones (note: there will be no more than 24 non-rudraksha beads in your mala) or Designer's Choice (see #5 below)
  4. Choice to: Include or not include metal spacers/accents?
  5. Yes or NO - Designers Chioce - f you don't know what natural stones you want, or want me to add to it, share your specific intention. I will select stones or crystals based on what you're seeking. Example: Love, Protection, Joy (I would choose rose quartz, amethyst and citrine)
  6. If you prefer more 'BLING' you can opt for Swarovski Crystal beads. Please say ADD BLING to add more sparkle. 

Meditation Mala (necklace)

Allow 2-3 weeks for your order
  • Once you receive your mala. Visit the Blog Post on Malas, to help you on your care and mantra meditation journey! 

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